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The Bottom Feeder: The Final Answer For What To Do To Prevent Piracy

Via oreillyradar:

Excellent and level-headed perspective on piracy. It’s anti-bombast:

One of the most common questions fledgling developers ask me is how they should protect their games from pirates. My answer is, generally, “The minimum amount you can get away with.” That is because I have learned never to forget the following guideline …

Whenever you find yourself starting a sentence with, “I don’t want people to pirate my game, so I am going to …” you are very close to making a big mistake.

The full post is worth a read.

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Link by Link - Google’s Open Attitude Is Tested by Ad Blockers for Chrome -

Two things I appreciate here:

1. Google recognizes that browser extensions are a geek perk, not something with broad-based appeal. I imagine most Firefox users don’t even know extensions exist. And I imagine even fewer people know Google *has* a browser. All this may change in time, but right now it’s not an issue.

2. I will be stunned — jaw-droppingly stunned — if Google clamps down on ad blocker extensions for Chrome. That would be so insanely stupid. Like, Facebook/Beacon stupid.

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